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Always the right choice

The Permasolid HS Race Clearcoat 8700 is suitable for companies that want to save energy as well as for workshops with particularly high throughput.

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3-stage repair process

Tips4You Video - New episode

Optimal Colour Matching - 100% Digital

There is an easier and more reliable way to find the correct colour formula than using fandeck colour chips...

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Mottling - no thanks! Spies Hecker Tips

The basecoat is applied and...

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Ready to win the race!

Permasolid® HS Speed Surfacer 5500
The Permasolid HS Speed Surfacer 5500 is easy to apply, requires no flash off times and is ready for sanding after just 20 to 40 minutes air drying. Evgeny Khmelev, Spies Hecker Training Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa