The Axalta Academy

Training that fits the way you work

As world-leaders in refinish paints and technologies, Axalta has unparalleled refinishing knowledge to share. That’s why we set up Axalta Academy, a state-of-the-art training platform. It helps refinish professionals maintain and improve their competencies with top class training that fits the way they work. With many flexible ways of training like on-site face-to-face classes, remote learning, online courses and other digital knowledge resources Axalta Academy makes learning not only convenient but effective too.

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The Axalta Academy, a state-of-the-art training platform

Whether you are a painter, bodyshop manager, apprentice or bodyshop owner, the Axalta Academy’s unique approach and resources can help you realise your professional goals quicker.


The Axalta Academy – for painters

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  • Learn from highly experienced Axalta trainers.
  • Improve your competencies. 
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments.
  • Access digital e-learning materials.
  • Register for live (broadcast) events.
  • Interact with professionals from other shops and exchange experiences and best practice.
  • Become more knowledgeable and productive learning at your own pace.


The Axalta Academy – for bodyshop managers

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  • Manage training in the way most efficient for you and your team.
  • Balance workloads and travel costs.
  • Management training.
  • Motivate your people.
  • Improve loyalty and efficiency.
  • Increase profitability.


The Axalta Academy – for bodyshop owners

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  • Arrange training for staff in the most convenient and cost-effective way.
  • Ensure consistency in repair process capability across all sites.
  • Maintain quality and efficiency.
  • Management training.
  • Extensive range of topics for staff back-office and management teams.


The Axalta Academy – for apprentices

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  • The best place for you to learn from experts.
  • Hands-on training from experienced trainers.
  • Webinars packed with great tips on a wide range of technical issues.
  • Self-study at your convenience.

What puts the Axalta Academy in a class of its own?

Convenience & accessibility

  • Access unrivalled online and offline training resources wherever - training at home at the bodyshop or in the Axalta facilities. And whenever you want – on whatever device you want : Android, iOS, phone, tablet, desktop, laptop.
  • A wide range of training options to fit the way you work giving you flexibility to suit your business.
  • One-stop-shop for all training and paint knowledge needs available in several languages and more to come.
  • User-friendly, dynamic and interactive training resources with info you can trust.

Business Focus

  • Improve skills and increase productivity.
  • Maximise bodyshop profitability by using the latest refinish products, techniques and processes.
  • Get the most value out of the products you use.


  • In support of the latest advances in refinish products and technology.
  • Developed by training professionals who know the challenges in automotive refinishing.
  • Backed by a world leader in refinishing systems.
  • The latest techniques, products & process knowledge delivered by our experts.
  • Best know-how transfer between manufacturer and end-user, you benefit from our expertise.
  • Vast library of online courses.
  • Certified Axalta training courses.
  • Training courses endorsed by OEMs.

4 ways to learn – what works best for you?

1. Face-to-face classes

2. Live virtual training

3. E-learning

4. Refinishers’ online community

Put your bodyshop in a different class

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Discover the best training offer in the refinish market only from Axalta!

Axalta has unrivalled global colour expertise and now, with Axalta Academy, the most innovative training platform on the market, making us the ideal training partners for you and your business. With direct access to the latest products and innovations from Axalta, training resources are globally relevant whether online or in a classroom. Our trainers are all industry professionals combining intimate technical knowledge with friendly but effective teaching styles. Axalta continues to lead the industry in not only paints and refinish services but in training too.

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