Digital Colour Management with the Phoenix Cloud

The Phoenix Cloud makes digital colour matching even more precise, accurate and easy to perform.

Thanks to digital technology, colour management using the Phoenix Cloud is reliable, user-friendly and clear. Making complex colour matching with conventional painted colour chips a thing of the past.




The Wi-Fi connection and the Internet-based colour formula database allow you to perform colour matching in the office or in the mixing room using your tablet, smartphone or PC. For maximum flexibility.

Up to date and accurate.

The vehicle’s colour and effect are measured with a ColorDialog Phoenix spectrophotometer and compared with the Spies Hecker Internet database. So you get an optimal result based on more than 200,000 current formulas. For maximum accuracy.

Fast and efficient.

The colour formula can then be forwarded directly from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) to an IP mixing scale such as the Sartorius PMA.Vision. That means the right colour can be mixed immediately. For faster work processes.

Safe and clear.

The Phoenix Cloud not only keeps all job data safe and secure but also provides you with a useful overview of key information at the end. For reliable information.

Digital colour management step by step – with Phoenix Cloud packages.

Depending on how digitised your business is already, you can use different packages to build up your colour management capability step by step.

Digital colour management step by step – with Phoenix Cloud packages

Phoenix Cloud Base

ColorDialog Compact connected to PC via USB cable (scale, label printer via LAN or WLAN).

Objective colour measurement

  • full access to current colour formulas
  • data protection in the Phoenix Cloud
  • no maintenance
  • simple network setup
  • 100% digital colour management

Phoenix Cloud Classic

ColorDialog Phoenix wirelessly connected to the Wi-Fi network, comprising PC or tablet, scale and label printer

Additional benefits compared to the Phoenix Cloud Base package:

  • optimal colour determination through colour and effect measurement
  • extra convenience of charging station for ColorDialog Phoenix
  • higher flexibility thanks to tablet or smartphone access
  • the possibility to physically separate colour
  • measurement from colour mixing

Phoenix Cloud Hi-TEC Performance

ColorDialog Phoenix integrated into a WLAN network with IP scale (e.g. Sartorius PMA.Vision) and mobile devices (e.g. tablet, WLAN label printer)

Additional benefits compared to the Phoenix Cloud Classic package:

  • full mobility (also via hot spot)
  • no PC required in the mixing room
  • open network connection – making it easy to connect
  • multiple scales easily
  • easy installation and no maintenance

Optimised colour management with Phoenix Cloud Hi-TEC Performance package.

Innovative, expandable, mobile - the Phoenix Cloud sets new standards.

Spies Hecker’s Phoenix Cloud digital colour management packages are built on innovative technology from Axalta. Thanks to a web-based colour formula database and Wi-Fi enabled hardware, it’s now possible to perform the entire process from colour matching to colour mixing from anywhere in the bodyshop. This makes the Phoenix Cloud the world's most advanced colour management solution for paint shops.

Digital Colour Tools

Colour Tools

Always up to date. Spies Hecker offers digital colour tools for its customers in order to ensure the most accurate possible colour matching.

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