Redefine spot repairs with unmatched speed! – with Permasolid UV-TEC Primer Surfacer 9003

Give your customers new levels of service – with faster than ever spot repairs.

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Cut your energy costs and your carbon footprint

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Empowering your business for a better tomorrow.

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Axalta’s global Automotive Color of the Year 2024

The latest edition marks the 10th year Axalta has introduced its automotive colour of the year and the first time it has featured a black shade. Starry Night is a strong, contemporary colour with light blue and silver flakes that evokes the depths of our universe and space exploration.

Colour Tools & Digital Colour Management

Phoenix Cloud

Phoenix Cloud

Thanks to digital technology, colour management using the Phoenix Cloud is reliable, user-friendly and clear. Making complex colour matching with conventional painted colour chips a thing of the past.

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ColorDialog Phoenix

ColorDialog Phoenix.

With ColorDialog Phoenix on your team, perfect colour matches are easier than ever.

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Colour Tools & Digital Colour Management

Drivus - Business Services for Bodyshops

Drivus gives bodyshops the tools they need to build better businesses. It’s a suite of innovative services, programmes and tailored expert consultancy focused on the particular challenges faced by refinishers. The result?

  • Improved business productivity.
  • Higher performance.
  • And better profitability.


Video-TEC - Online Training

Simply closer. Equipment, products and personal support – the ultimate target of the Spies Hecker training team is to enhance practical knowledge within the bodyshop.

We invite you to improve your knowledge with our extensive range of online training videos. These "how-to" videos are aimed specifically at professional refinishers with tips on how to repair the latest car paints - and offer illustrative training videos on specific repair techniques.

Put your bodyshop in a different class

With training that fits the way you work





Audurra at a glance


Audurra materials support the whole repair process. In combination with Spies Hecker you can achieve perfect results



Jul 16, 2024 08:00

Axalta Announces Partnership with CESVIMAP and the Move2Green Sustainability Program

Through this partnership, Axalta’s refinish customers will have access to CESVIMAP’s Move2Green sustainability program which offers an online, self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate the current environmental impact of bodyshops. Once an auditor analyzes the data, Axalta customers will receive a detailed roadmap with actionable steps to improve their sustainability initiatives as well as the Move2Green certification to promote their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

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