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Spies Hecker offers an extensive range of quality training courses that are prepared and presented by trainers that have vast experience with Spies Hecker products and procedures.

Refinish paint technology now and in the future will require the use of high performance products including the latest water-based and High-Solids systems. The need for training in the use of Spies Hecker high performance products is essential for the success of any bodyshop.

Seminars are held at our purpose built Regional Training Centre at Marsden Park, Sydney, or at other approved centres around Australia and New Zealand.

Speed-TEC System (1 Day)

This course will give attendees an understanding of the patented Axalta technology behind the Spies Hecker Speed-TEC range. Attendees will learn and use the complete Speed-TEC system and see first-hand, the benefits and quality of this new technology. Lowering energy costs and raising paint shop productivity without costly equipment investments are also a focus for this training seminar.

Main Spies Hecker Products used during this course: Priomat Reactive Pre-treatment Wipes 4000, 5550 Wet on Wet Speed Surfacer, 5500 HS Speed Surfacer, Hi-TEC Waterborne Basecoat, 8810 HS Speed Clear.


Who should attend:

Refinishers and managers looking to improve paint shop productivity and quality without investing in additional drying equipment. Attendees should have some experience with waterborne as colours will be applied in waterborne basecoat however it’s not crucial.  Perfect for those advanced refinishers wanting to keep up with the latest products and technologies.


Introduction to Permahyd Hi-TEC Waterborne (2 Days)

Suitable for those about to change from solvent basecoats to waterborne basecoats. The course covers detailed theory and practical including all the dos and don’ts when starting out with waterborne products. Learn correct techniques for application, blending and drying. Work with the latest primers and clear coats best matched for the latest generation Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne basecoat.

Who should attend:

The course suits 3rd year apprentices and above wanting to learn about waterborne basecoats. The perfect course for those about to move to Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne basecoat, from solvent basecoat or other brands of waterborne basecoat.


Advanced Permahyd Hi-TEC Waterborne (2 Days)

Advanced Permahyd Hi-TEC Waterborne Refinishing includes techniques for 3 layer colours, application in extreme & difficult conditions such as hot & dry climates. The course also includes briefings on new technology products and processes.

Who should attend:

Attendees should have some experience with waterborne basecoat. Perfect for those refinishers that have just started with Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne looking to go to the next level and also for established waterborne painter needing a refresher course in the latest techniques


Colour Technology for Permahyd Hi-TEC Waterborne (1 Day)

For those refinishers new to Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne this course provides knowledge on the best practices for using the latest software, colour boxes, spectrophotometers. It will give an overview of the tinter line up and their effects and also details the importance of building personal colour libraries.

Who should attend:

Attendees should have some experience with waterborne. Perfect for those not only new to Permahyd Hi-TEC but those painters wanting a refresher course in colour tools & software.


New Technologies & Specialised Techniques (2 Days)

Perfect for those refinishers looking to master special applications such as colours with Tinted Clears and replication of OEM Matt Clear coat. The course will also cover the blending process and include briefings on new technology products and processes.       

Who should attend:

Attendees should have some experience with waterborne as colours will be applied in waterborne basecoat however it’s not crucial. Perfect for those advanced refinishers wanting to keep up with the latest OEM trends and application techniques.


Speed Repair Systems -  UV Primer & Fast Clears (1 Day)

Gain knowledge in working with rapid repair processes. This course will provide participants with specialist information on the repair procedures and products required to successfully repair vehicles with UV primers and fast processes. Participants will experience hands-on surface preparation and application guidance along with demonstrations and theoretical know-how and training directly relating to smaller repairs.

Who should attend:

This course is a balance of theory and practical exercises and is aimed to give an advanced insight and coaching for existing experienced bodyshop operatives.


Permahyd Hi-TEC Special OEM Colour Application (2 Days)

Refinishers looking to keep up with the latest OEM effect colours and understandwhat it takes to replicate the specific OEM process and colour. Colours such as Mazda 46G and 51K use a special process from the factory that also require a dedicated process for refinishing in the Bodyshop.

Using new processes and techniques outside of Axalta’s “standard” application requires training and practice. This is always best done on test panels in a relaxed environment to achieve the best learning outcome.  Attendees will use the latest products and processes to ensure these types of colours match and blend to the OEM finish. .

Who should attend:

Perfect for those advanced refinishers wanting to keep up with the very latest OEM special colours and application techniques


Attendees should bring safety boots and work clothes to all training courses. Spies Hecker will supply Spray overalls and PPE.

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