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Why burn money by baking?

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Axalta’s global Automotive Color of the Year 2023

Axalta marks its ninth edition of the exclusive Global Automotive Color of the Year with Techno Blue, an ultramodern blue with hue-shifting effects. This color is right on beat with today’s transitional trends between the real and digital world. Techno Blue is designed with color movement to generate excitement on all vehicle types around the globe.


Apr 02, 2024 21:43

Out Now! TUF Issue 37

The latest TUF magazine edition is out now! Packed with captivating customer stories, cutting-edge products and bodyshop insights to elevate your body shop game, it's a must-read. Dive into articles of overcoming skill shortage challenges, witness the artistry of vehicle restoration, and explore the latest innovations from Axalta. Don't miss out—grab your copy now!

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