New Spies Hecker Permahyd 280/285 mixing tint

Spies Hecker is expanding its Permahyd® 280/285 mixing tint portfolio to include WB 810 Brilliant Magenta Red. The colour formulas using the new mixing tint are now available in the Phoenix colour software.

4 May 2021 – Spies Hecker is further expanding the Permahyd 280/285 mixing tint portfolio. A new addition to the range is the transparent, highly chromatic tint WB 810 Brilliant Magenta Red. It is ideally suited to effect finishes but is also perfect for solid colours, too.

In expanding its Permahyd 280/285 product system with another highly chromatic red shade, Spies Hecker responds to the growing trend towards highly chromatic colours. However, repairing these deep, rich and vibrant hues is a challenge for refinishers. Thanks to WB 810 Brilliant Magenta Red, Spies Hecker helps them to reproduce the original colour.

Spies Hecker has further optimised many colour formulations for Permahyd 280/285, ensuring even better results when reproducing the well-known Mazda special colour 46V Soul Red Crystal as well as other colours.

Permahyd 280/285 Brilliant Magenta Red is available in boxed quantities containing four 500ml cans and can be ordered immediately. The colour formulas for this Brilliant Magenta Red colour are available in the Phoenix colour software and can be accessed via the Phoenix app.

The Permahyd Basecoat system 280/285

WB 810 Brilliant Magenta Red is part of the waterborne Permahyd Basecoat system 280/285, which is based on a special PU dispersion technology for high-quality solid and effect paintwork. It's VOC compliant and easy to use. In addition, it has good stability and high hiding power and can be overcoated with Permasolid® HS Clearcoats. Spies Hecker offers its refinishers uncomplicated and tailor-made advice for the daily challenges in refinishing and especially when using the Permahyd Basecoat system.

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