ColorDialog Phoenix


The all new ColorDialog Phoenix

With ColorDialog Phoenix on your team, perfect colour matches are easier than ever.

The new Spies Hecker ColorDialog Phoenix makes accurate colour matching easy. Featuring the latest technology and innovative design, it’s the simple way to speed up turn-around times.

Small and easy to use

The new ColorDialog Phoenix is small, light and intuitive to use. Its hi-res colour touch screen, clear icons and logical step-by-step instructions make it very easy to use as well. LED lights and audio signals also give you direct feedback on the device status.

Wireless and flexible

Because the ColorDialog Phoenix uses Wi-Fi, you can simply transfer data to the Phoenix colour matching software – instantly. So, results can be sent directly to the guys in the mixing room to do their thing. This speeds up workflows significantly.

Precise and always up-to-date

Phoenix software uses over 200,000 actual formulas so it’s not only quicker but more accurate than other methods too. The ColorDialog Phoenix is also the only device that measures finish effect too. So you get a complete formula in one go.