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Painting tips from professionals, for professionals



Under the title "Tips4you", Spies Hecker is now posting user videos on the web. In the videos, experts give painting tips for the use of Spies Hecker products. Top service for paint professionals – and a fight against dubious advice on the Internet.


Brand Manager Joachim Hinz: “We produce videos by professionals, for professionals.”

"Many online platforms offer videos with painting tips," says Joachim Hinz, EMEA Brand Manager at Spies Hecker. "Some are useful, but unfortunately others offer little expertise." That annoys Joachim Hinz - especially when false information is spread about the use of Spies Hecker products. This is why he's now on the offensive: In the future, Spies Hecker will post its own videos with painting tips on social media. "But, unlike the self-proclaimed experts on the web, you can really rely on our painting tips," says Mr. Hinz. "Nobody knows our products better than our technicians. And our painters will benefit when it works the first time.”

Tips4you-Video-Ausschnitt 2

The first Tips4you video demonstrates how to apply a Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 Basecoat.

Videos that get straight to the point

This approach is reflected in the videos: They refrain from trendy tricks, and instead get directly to the point. "These are tips from professionals, for professionals," Mr. Hinz explains. "No Hollywood standards are needed. We prefer to just show what’s important with each type of painting technology. We convey the same information given in the application instructions and in our seminars." The videos can be produced quickly and easily, because the painters in them are just as real as the tools, materials and vehicles. "There’s no acting, only working," says Mr. Hinz. "And this authenticity comes across on the web, too.”

Tip for the application of Permahyd Hi-TEC 480

In the first video, "Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 Painting Guide", technician Tony Mitchell demonstrates how to best paint a side panel. Aspects such as application in 1.5 spray passes, control of overlap zones and gun distance are discussed. The second video shows how to paint a bonnet and gives tips on how to avoid cloud formations. Take a look – you'll find the Tips4you videos here.

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