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Passenger Cars - Product Systems.

The “Automotive refinishing” sector includes the Hi-TEC Performance, Classic and Base systems.

High efficiency, easy processing, fast drying – with outstanding appearance, these are the characteristics of the Hi-TEC Performance System. The top products include Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480, Permasolid HS Speed Filler 5500 and HS Speed Clearcoat 8800, which allow significantly shorter drying times and energy savings. Other primer, filler, topcoat and clearcoat alternatives are also available.

Optimal topcoat holdout, short painting and setting times and fast drying make the Hi-TEC Performance System the ideal solution for paint shops, that value high throughput.

The Classic System is designed to offer simple, reliable application with very good end results. The "Classic" includes, among other products, Permahyd Basecoat 280/285, Vario Primer Surfacer 5340, Premium Surfacer 5310 and the new Race Clearcoat 8700 (alternatives are also offered here).

Almost all products are approved for automobile series painting.

The Base System allows for proven, simple application even under difficult workshop conditions. The products are suitable for value-based paint jobs and impress with their good cost-benefit ratio.



Select the appropriate system that best meets your needs.