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The turbo system with reduced energy consumption.


Speed-TEC stands for exceptionally cost-effective products. They set themselves apart by virtue of their quick paint process times. Along with speed, the Speed-TEC product family also sets new standards in energy consumption. It is the only product solution on the market that is able to dry both at 60°C, 40°C, and at 20°C. This gives you optimum control. Depending on your volume of business, you are able to choose between very fast drying and low energy consumption.




No system is faster.

With a processing time of just 36 minutes, the Speed-TEC family of products provides the shortest pit-stop time for your finishing jobs.

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Speed-TEC Products - Speed

Unbelievably efficient.

The only product that dries at 40°C and even at 20°C. That saves a lot – up to 70% – in energy costs.

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Speed-TEC Products - Energy

Especially glossy.

Speed-TEC technology also ranks first in performance outcome – thanks to reliable application, excellent spreading properties as well as exceptional clearcoat gloss.

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Speed-TEC Products - Quality

Paint new parts at warp speed.

The new Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550 can be painted over after just 5 minutes flash-off time. This gives truly rapid throughput.

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Speed-TEC Products - All in control


The fastest application with brillant character.



Clear Coat 8800
Apply, flash-off , dry at 60°C
12 mins.
Base Coat 480
Apply, flash-off , dry at 40°C
18 mins.
Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550
Apply, flash-off at 20°C
6 mins.
CDC primer
    = 36 mins.




Good for your business.

The revolutionary Speed-TEC technology offers paint shops significant benefits and increases their profitability.



More booth throughput.
Quicker drying times mean booth times can be cut drastically. So, you’re able to paint more cars per day. That makes completing each job more efficient.

Lower Investment.
No need to retrofi t spray booths that are no longer able to reach temperatures of 60°C.
Reduced drying times at 40°C or 20°C can potentially avoid the need for major investments.



Makes small repair jobs profitable.
Accelerated drying times make "smart repairs” economically more worthwhile.

Provide same-day repairs.
With fast-drying Speed-TEC surfacers and clear coats, you can offer your customers a same-day premium repair services or even faster, complete a paint repair job in just a few hours.




The Speed-TEC family of products.


NEW: HS Wet-on-Wet Speed Surfacer 5550.

Together with the Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 for super-fast painting of new parts.

HS Speed-TEC Surfacer 5500.

Together with the Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 the turbo in your bodyshop.

Hi-TEC Base Coat 480.

Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 The innovative waterborne base coat with potential. Easy and quick to apply.

HS Speed Clear Coat 8800.

A clear coat of the new dimension. This clear coat is a very fast drying High-Solid clear coat.


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