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New Spies Hecker kit for easy headlight repairs

Dull, yellowed car headlight lenses may increase the risk of accidents, and until recently, there was only one solution – to replace them. But now, Spies Hecker has introduced an economical and time-saving solution that meets the needs of both bodyshops and vehicle owners. The new Headlight Repair Kit gives headlight lenses a new lease of life.

The lenses of modern car headlights are generally no longer made of glass but of plastic polycarbonate, and they have to withstand a lot: salt, grit and stone chips, as well as degradation from chemical products used in car washes, can all adversely affect the lens surface, while sunlight and weathering do their part in ageing and yellowing the plastic.

Sanding and painting restore lenses to immaculate condition

“Until recently, the only option was to replace headlights that showed signs of age or wear and tear,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland. “If headlights have been severely damaged and show cracks, holes, splitting or deep scratches, there is still no way of getting around this. But the Spies Hecker Headlight Repair Kit now offers a practical, cosmetic solution for superficial damage, which is much more common.”

Repairing the headlight while it’s on the car

The Kit is very straightforward. The first step involves cleaning the headlight lens with the Spies Hecker Silicone Remover 7080, then sanding it with specific grit sizes, from coarse to very fine. The next step is the waterborne Permahyd 1K Headlight Primer 4018, which was specially developed for this. It forms a milky film on the lens and dries in approximately 40 minutes at 20°C ambient air temperature. Afterwards, the Permacron 2K Clear Coat 8018 is applied. It makes the lens clear again and dries in the spray booth in just under half an hour at 60°C object temperature or overnight at ambient air temperature. What is particularly useful for bodyshops is that the headlights do not have to be dismantled – they can be repaired at a properly ventilated preparation area while still in the vehicle.

Three components in handy spray cans

All products come in time-saving Spies Hecker spray cans for professional use and are supplied in a practical repair case. The Kit contains a 400ml can of Permahyd Silicone Remover 7080, a 250ml can of Permahyd 1K Headlight Primer 4018 and two 250ml cans of Permacron 2K Clear Coat 8018. The set also includes detailed and easy to follow repair guidelines.

Additional customer-focused service

“The Headlight Repair Kit is an easy to use solution that we know many bodyshops will be pleased to have, as it will allow them to offer an appealing additional service that meets the needs of their customers,” says Welling. “Headlight repairs are not only less expensive than complete headlight replacements, but also they are faster, because there is no need to wait for spare parts come in.”

Country-specific regulatory requirements relating to headlight repairs should be taken into account. For further information on the Spies Hecker Headlight Repair Kit please contact the local sales representative or visit

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Spies Hecker, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta, develops optimum and practical paint system solutions that can make bodyshop work easier and more efficient. With over 135 years of success behind it, Spies Hecker’s high-quality product systems, customised service and targeted training demonstrate its partnership with the refinish industry. The Cologne paint brand is one of the world’s leading vehicle refinish brands, and is available in over 76 countries worldwide.

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Headlight Repair Kit
Headlight Repair Kit