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Everything’s under control with the extended Speed-TEC range

The Spies Hecker Speed-TEC family of products allows bodyshops to work exceptionally fast to with superb energy efficiency. And now the Speed-TEC range is even better thanks to the new, innovative Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550.

Spies Hecker's Speed-TEC products help bodyshops carry out repairs with speed and energy efficiency. The products in the Speed-TEC range include Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550, the Permasolid Speed-TEC Surfacer 5500 and Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8800. These are all used with Permahyd Hi-TEC Basecoat 480 and mean that repairs can be completed in record time. Using patented Axalta technology in Speed-TEC products, work processes are shortened, energy consumption is reduced and results are exceptional, as you would expect from Spies Hecker. Using the full product range enables refinishers to choose drying at 60°C, 40°C or even without forced drying at 20°C, which can save bodyshops up to 70 percent energy.

A solution for every workload

The Speed-TEC range can be adapted to bodyshops’ needs and ensures excellent results. Depending on the work load, they have control over whether they use the Speed-TEC for speed or energy saving during the paint repair. For bodyshops that have a large throughput, fast turnarounds are required, but at quieter times, processes can work more economically, in particular utilising low drying temperatures.

Fast wet-on-wet surfacer for new parts

The new Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550 can be overcoated after just five minutes of air-drying time. The other Speed-TEC products also have extremely short drying times. As a result, refinishing a new-part can be done in just 36 minutes. That is unique.

The user-friendly Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550 also delivers high stability on vertical surfaces. In combination with the Speed-TEC range’s basecoat and the clear coat, the new surfacer ensures a very good topcoat finish and a brilliant appearance - and very quickly, too. The surfacer is available in white, grey and black, and ensures good opacity even on light coloured surfaces.

More information on the complete Speed-TEC family of products, and its advantages, can be found at

About Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta, develops optimum and practical paint system solutions that can make bodyshop work easier and more efficient. With over 135 years of success behind it, Spies Hecker’s high-quality product systems, customised service and targeted training demonstrate its partnership with the refinish industry. The Cologne paint brand is one of the world’s leading vehicle refinish brands, and is available in over 76 countries worldwide.

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Speed-TEC range Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5500 can
Speed-TEC range Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5500 can