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Always the right choice



A clearcoat that adapts to the individual needs of a car repair shop? It's true! The new Spies Hecker Permasolid HS Race Clearcoat 8700 is suitable for companies that want to save energy as well as for workshops with particularly high throughput.


The Spies Hecker Permasolid HS Race Clearcoat 8700 is used 2:1 with Permasolid Race Hardener 3470 and with 10 % Race Additive 9070. It is applied in two spray coats with a short flash-off time.

"8700 is a powerful all-rounder," says Evgeny Khmelev, Spies Hecker Training & Technical Service Leader for EMEA. Permasolid HS Race Clearcoat stands out with several remarkable properties – above all it has a flexible drying time: If you're looking for speed and efficiency, you can dry the clearcoat at 60 degrees Celsius in 15 minutes. If you want to save on energy costs, switch to the 30-minute drying time at 40 degrees Celsius. This means that Permasolid HS Race Clear is suitable for all sizes and types of bodyshops and paint shops. This rapid drying is made possible by a new binder technology (thiol technology) developed for extremely fast drying times with excellent application properties.

Easy to use and apply
Permasolid Race Clearcoat 8700 is also easy to use, starting with the mixing ratio: It is used 2:1 with the Permasolid Race Hardener 3470 and with 10 % Race Additive 9070. It is applied in two spray passes with a short flash-off time. Due to its low viscosity, the clearcoat is extremely easy to apply. It ensures excellent wetting of the surface, for a very smooth flow. Once the paint has hardened, it can be further processed straight away. This way, the thiol technology also ensures quick and easy polishing immediately after forced drying and a short cooling phase. This significantly shortens the overall repair process.


" Permasolid HS Race Clear 8700 from Spies Hecker is a real all-rounder.”


The right choice
The conclusion of Evgeny Khmelev: "The clearcoat is the right choice for all repairs, whether for speed repairs or complete paint jobs. The glossy results speak for themselves." Permasolid HS Race Clearcoat 8700 can also be used with all Spies Hecker Hi-TEC Performance System and Classic System products.

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