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Basic System.

The efficient refinishing system.

A complete, integrated product system for low-cost paint repairs with Permacron products.

product_PC_surfacer-economy_5107 Permacron HS Surfacer 5107

A firm foundation:
Permacron HS Surfacer 5107

Permacron HS Surfacer 5107 is a VOC-compliant 2K HS sanding surfacer based on acrylic resins.

  • easy to apply
  • smooth levelling
  • good vertical stability
  • IR drying possible
  • easy to sand
  • good top coat flow
product_PC_base-coat_280_1L Base Coat 280/285 and HS Automotive Top Coat 270

There are two paint systems to choose from:

Permahyd Base Coat 280/285  and Permasolid HS Automotive Top Coat 270 for solid-color finishes.


product_PC_clear-economy_8007 Economy Clear Coat 8007

A glossy surface is achieved with Permacron HS Clear Coat 8007.

Permacron HS Clear Coat 8007 is a high-gloss, VOC-compliant High Solid clear coat.

  • easy to apply
  • good levelling
  • good top coat flow