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Permasolid® HS Express Surfacer 5250.

Fast drying sanding surfacer.

Permasolid® HS Express Surfacer 5250 is fast drying 2K high solids sanding surfacer that is ideal for quick and economical paint repairs.  

  • Very fast air drying properties, especially with the Permasolid® Express Surfacer Accelerator 9250 it can be sanded even after 30 minutes at 20°C.     
  • Easy to use, no intermediate flash off time when used in combination with Permasolid® Express Surfacer Accelerator 9250.
  • Good flow and easy to apply
  • Flexible in use; can be used with Permasolid® VHS and HS hardeners, as well as with different drying methods such as air drying, oven drying or IR drying
  • Good sandability
  • sanding possible after air drying for 1 - 2 hours
    (for spot repairs, partial refinishes)
  • Available in black, medium grey and white

Permasolid® HS Express Surfacer 5250.

“ The reliable Permasolid HS Express Surfacer 5250 can normally be sanded after 60 to 120 minutes at 20°C ambient air temperature. However, if refinishers use the new Permasolid Express Surfacer Accelerator 9250, they can cut drying times at room temperature down to about 30 minutes.      
Evgeny Khmelev, Spies Hecker Training Leader for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)