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Priomat® 1K Spot Primer 4074 (SprayMax).

1K aerosol primer, specially developed for Permahyd® Waterborne Base Coat Systems.

Priomat® 1K Spot Primer 4074 is a zinc-chromate free 1K primer for small spots sanded through to bare metal, such as on corners and edges to achieve good corrosion protection It can be re-coated directly with Permahyd® Hi-TEC base coat 480 or Permahyd® base coat 280/285 

  • Can be recoated quickly.
  • Good top coat flow.
  • Easy handling of SprayMax aerosol can
Priomat® 1K Spot Primer 4074 (SprayMax).

Priomat® 1K Spot Primer 4074 (SprayMax)