ColorSpot, our new handheld daylight lamp, can be used for almost anything - from colour comparison with colour swatches and sample panels to damage assessment and checking freshly painted surfaces for dust inclusions.

With its different light intensities the new lamp can help refinishers to detect metamerism as well as colour and effect differences.

Equipped with energy saving LED technology the Color Spot can be set on natural daylight and a warmer white evening light.

Furthermore, you will find three different levels within each setting:

  • Level 1 - light solid and effect colours accurately.
  • Level 2 - medium to light and mid-toned effect colours.
  • Level 3 - nuances in darker effect colours.

The minimal weight and ergonomic shape of the ColorSpot make it comfortable for everyday use in the hands of refinishers. 

ColorSpot from Spies Hecker assists professional refinishers with colour matching in the bodyshop.