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Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700.


The new versatile Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700 is easy to apply, fast drying and quick curing. With flexible drying options, it reduces cycle times and cuts energy costs.



The perfect all-round clear coat.

Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700 is a reliable, robust clear coat that can be used for any vehicle repair job from minor paint damage to a full refinish. Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700 is mixed in a simple 2:1 ratio with the Permasolid VHS Race Hardener 3470 + 10% Race Additive 9070. To get a smooth blend-in area, work with the new Permacron® Race Blender 1070.



Easy to use.

Permasolid® HS Race Clear Coat 8700 and Permasolid® Race Additive 9070 are based on a new binder technology. The low viscosity means easy application in two coats with a short flash-off time. Excellent surface-wetting properties ensure a very smooth flow.



Fast and adaptable.

Thanks to flexible drying options, this clear coat can be adapted to suit any workflow. When you are looking for high performance, it offers a short drying time of 15 minutes at 60°C. Or, if you want to save energy, go for the more economical drying temperature of 40°C.



Speeding to a perfect paint finish.

The excellent flow properties and brilliant topcoat hold-out provide a long lasting high-gloss finish from the moment it is applied. The new technology means efficient processing times and that vehicles can be polished and reassembled straight after a short cooling period. This results in a fast process and significant time savings.