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Porsche specialists from Gelderland



The classic shape of the Porsche 911 has barely changed in over 50 years. Historical models of the racing car from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in Germany are very popular among classic car enthusiasts. One has been standing in Heteren in the Netherlands for one and a half years – and is being restored using Spies Hecker products.

1970er Porsche 911 Targa_480x263

The 1970s Porsche 911 Targa is to be returned to its original condition.

It happens sometimes: after an accident in his 1970s Porsche 911 Targa, the owner brought the car to the workshop. It was initially thought that only the front needed repairing. However, it soon became clear that this was not the case: there was further damage, the majority of which was not related to the accident, but to the age of the vehicle. The owner therefore decided to have his classic car completely restored. And thus, the so-called F model (the shape in which the 911 was built up until 1973) was to be returned to its original condition.


Not unusual for restoration work: some of the damage to the 45-year-old classic car only came to light once work had started on the vehicle.

The owner made the right choice in bringing his vehicle to the Porsche Centrum Gelderland, which specialises in the repair and restoration of old Porsche cars. Two years ago, the company opened the world´s first Porsche Classic Centre with its own showroom and paint shop in Heteren, near Arnheim.

The team here are very familiar with old 911 cars. And they also know that it's very difficult to calculate how long the restoration work might take. “Some damage only becomes apparent while you´re working on the vehicle”, explains Aftersales Manager, Freek Janssen, openly conceding that the original deadline had already passed. “A lot of technical repairs have since been carried out. But we still have to deal with the interior.” However, the team in Heteren are not the type to rush. “After all, it's the result that counts.”


The majority of the technical work has now been completed. Just the glazing and the interior remain to be done.

"The team have reworked and adapted a lot of the parts


The paintwork of the Targa has already been renovated. The car was given a fresh coat of “Minerva Blue”, an elegant metallic colour from the 1976 Porsche catalogue. The paint shop relies on products from Spies Hecker: the body was pretreated using the particularly corrosion-resistant Permafleet® EP Primer Surfacer 4400 and the Permasolid® HS Premium Surfacer 5310. Permahyd® 280 was used for the basecoat, and the high-gloss Permasolid® HS clearcoat 8034 was used to finish it all off.

“In total”, Freek Janssen estimates that “the restoration work has taken a good 2000 hours so far.” Some of the original spare parts were no longer available, so Porsche Gelderland had to come up with something else. “The team have reworked and adapted a lot of the parts”, explains Freek Janssen. “It's a lot of work – but it is, after all, this know-how that makes our company a specialist in this field.”


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