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Spies Hecker brings chromate-free primer to market


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In Permafleet Special Primer 4140, Spies Hecker is bringing to market a new primer that prepares utility vehicle surfaces for paint restoration. It has an extra special feature: in a departure from its predecessors, this primer is chromate free.

Spies Hecker Permafleet Special Primer 4140 Spies Hecker Permafleet Special Primer 4140

The primer plays a central role in preparing surfaces for paint repairs on utility vehicles. It ensures that subsequent coatings are able to adhere well to the surface and protects the bottom layer from rust. For a long time, there was one main ingredient to thank for these features: chromate. However, it had a serious downside: Chromate is suspected of being carcinogenic, just like other chromium (VI) compounds. They may damage immune systems, genomes or airways, and also pose a danger for drinking water.

Strict EU regulations

A few years ago, therefore, the EU set strict regulatory measures for the industrial use of chromium (VI) compounds as part of the “REACH” Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). The aim of the Regulation is to completely stop use of the compound in the medium term, but this is not easily achieved for many of its uses. This is because some of the positive characteristics of chromium VI (e.g. durability and resistance to wear and tear) cannot be readily achieved by using replacement materials.

SH Wash Primer Lkw The new chromate-free Permafleet Special Primer by Spies Hecker offers process reliability and is user-friendly.

The new chromate-free Permafleet Special Primer by Spies Hecker offers process reliability and is user-friendly.

Not only environmentally friendly, but reliable too

Spies Hecker is now bringing to market a product that meets the REACH requirements: the new eco-friendly Permafleet Special Primer 4140 delivers top performance without chromates. “Of course, we want to offer our customers products that comply with environmental legislation,” explains Joachim Hinz, Brand Manager at Spies Hecker. “At the same time, however, we want to offer unlimited usability and process reliability. The new primer is an excellent example of this: not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also demonstrates exceptional resistance to corrosion and chemicals with its outstanding bonding qualities and stability.”

The new Permafleet Special Primer 4140 has been available since mid-October and replaces Permafleet Corrosion Protection Primer 4130 and Permafleet Special Wash Primer 4120 in the Spies Hecker product range.

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