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Top class from the very beginning



The paint and body workshop, Modena Car Service, was only founded five years ago, but it has already developed an excellent reputation and a large customer base. With state-of-the-art equipment, a wide range of services and Spies Hecker paint products, the team is looking to the future in a motivated and confident mood.


Since founding the company, they have employed seven employees, including three automotive painters.

Given the current difficult economic circumstances, the three business partners are making even bolder decisions: Stefania Negrini, Sebastian Meletti and Giuliano Boccolari founded their own automotive repair shop in 2013 in Modena, northern Italy. It was Giuliano Boccolari’s extensive expertise from over 25 years of running his own workshop that convinced a private investor to invest in the three founders’ idea. “Thanks to this initial financing, we were able to invest in the newest technology and high-quality products,” explains Boccolari, who mainly deals with sales in his role as a managing director. “That gave us an easy starting point right from the very beginning.”

Technology paired with expertise
However, state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-range products alone do not make a business successful. The three founders therefore sought out qualified staff and have expanded the team every year with new employees. “Since founding the business, we have employed seven people, three of whom are automotive painters,” reveals Boccolari. And all the signs point towards further growth as Modena Car Service has also partnered with a car insurance company, for which the workshop now regularly works. “It gives us a tremendous reputation that helps us in acquiring new customers as well as securing loyalty from current customers,” says Sebastian Meletti, who heads up the automotive painting side of the business in his role as a managing director.

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Thanks to start-up financing, Modena Car Service was able to invest in state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials.

Sebastian Meletti: “The team at Spies Hecker has played an important role in our success. They have even bolstered our public image.”

The goal: customer satisfaction

The managers of Modena Car Service chose to work with Spies Hecker from the very start. “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority,” explains Meletti. “That’s why it became immediately apparent to us that we wanted to exclusively use premium products, which are suitable for meeting our customers’ high standards, in conjunction with our high-quality equipment.” Cost-efficiency was also an important factor in choosing the right products for automotive painting: “Spies Hecker products are extremely easy and quick to use. This helps to reduce processing times and therefore benefits our customers as well as the workshop. The team at Spies Hecker has played an important role in our success. They have even bolstered our public image.”

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