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Spies Hecker calendar 2018: For the love of the job



When refinishers are passionate about their work, you often see some particularly beautiful and spectacular results. The Spies Hecker Calendar 2018, titled “For the love of the job”, shows some examples of such work. The photographs, taken by Ramon Wink, present twelve masterful paint jobs – from the bright red Harley-Davidson through to a shining chrome Cadillac ambulance and a handcrafted aerobatics plane.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide_480

A real gem: Michael Bachlinger and Tamara Rath with their beautifully painted Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

Michi's Custom Colour, a paint shop based in Steiermark, Austria, creates genuinely eye-catching masterpieces to adorn cars, motorbikes and helmets. Sophisticated colour gradients, subtle pinstripes or complicated airbrush techniques – Michael Bachlinger and his colleagues are experts in all painting techniques required to lend a car or a motorbike a unique look.

This is also the case with the Harley-Davidson Street Glide, which you can see on the June page of the Spies Hecker calendar. Its black-red-white ornamentation makes it unmissable, even at a distance. However, the craftsmanship and quality of the paintwork are even better close up. The many lovingly applied details in the red-coloured areas (including, of course, the obligatory biker skull motif), show how much fun the refinisher has had doing their job. Such skilled work cannot be carried out without first-class work materials. From the primer through to the topcoat, Michi Bachlinger exclusively uses product systems from Spies Hecker, which he finds to produce the best results. 


Illja Chocholous, from the body shop HK Auto Velvary, proudly presents the restored Cadillac Fleetwood ambulance.

Outside of the USA, a vehicle such as the massive Cadillac Fleetwood Commercial Superior Royal Rescuer from 1962 would usually only ever be seen in a Hollywood movie: in 1984, the leading actors in “Ghostbusters” went about their business in a similar old Cadillac ambulance.

The vehicle shown in the Spies Hecker calendar was found in the USA by its current owner. It was then completely dismantled and shipped by container to the Czech Republic. There, it took around five years to reassemble it, screw by screw.

The restoration was carried out by Illja Chocholous from Velvary in Prague, who is responsible for ensuring that this veteran from the shining chrome Cadillac era can be seen today in all its original splendour – not least thanks to the coating systems from Spies Hecker that he uses in his workshop.


Norman Weissenborn and Bastien Le Roux from the XtremeAir team with their ultra-light XA aerobatics plane.

Taking to the skies

Spies Hecker coating systems don't always end up on just cars or motorbikes. For example, the German company XtremeAir, based near Magdeburg, uses them to paint their aerobatics planes. The pilots need planes which are extremely reliable, but at the same time light and flexible. XtremeAir constructs each of its planes by hand according to customer requirements and uses a lightweight carbon construction. It's all about the weight: at 623 kilograms, the XA machine shown on the April page of the Spies Hecker calendar, for example, weighs no more than an original 60s Mini. A conspicuous design, ensuring that the machines really come into their own during their aerobatics, is also very important. That´s why the XtremeAir team uses the innovative products from Spies Hecker.


Apply now for the next calendar

“The photographs in our 2018 calendar illustrate the masterful craftwork that can be created when refinishers are passionate about their job”, says Joachim Hinz, the Spies Hecker Brand Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “And we want to show that again next year, which is why we've already started contacting body shops and paint shops asking them to apply for the 2019 calendar.” Anyone interested can email their vehicle and workshop photographs, as well as information about the painted piece, to

You can find all twelve images from the new Spies Hecker Calendar 2018, “For the love of the job”, on the company's website at

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