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Dear readers,

for years, experts from the world of politics, economics and research have been trying to tackle the subject of digitalisation. Their opinions often remain wildly different. However, digitalisation waits for no one. It’s like a snowball: once it has started rolling, it only continues to grow in size until one day, it becomes an unstoppable force. And this snowball has been rolling for a long time now.

About a year ago, we decided to move our customer magazine, ‘Colour Expert’, to a completely online format because we wanted to provide our customers, partners and supporters with an appealing range of news publications online, too. Is this just a small step on the road to digitalisation? Maybe so, but it was a step in the right direction. And one thing is for sure, there will definitely be more progress to come.

We just have one request: please send us feedback about our stories, we are always happy to receive it. And if you have an exciting story about paints and coatings, please send us your idea to We will happily get back to you to discuss how we can flesh out your story.

Until then, we hope you enjoy reading and browsing Colour Expert!


Kind regards,

Joachim Hinz
Spies Hecker Brand Manager EMEA

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      PDF 2017-colorexpert-PT.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.54 MB
      PDF 2017-colorexpert-SE.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.73 MB