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MyTraining is the new, user-friendly Spies Hecker online training programme for refinishers.

Across each of its seven modules, MyTraining provides the theoretical information needed to learn about the various aspects of refinishing. Once you’re online, you log into MyTraining with your password and you are ready to go.

The learning process is straightforward and interactive. Each module incorporates a comprehensive collection of photos and animations to make the topics engaging and interesting. And, once you have completed the modules successfully, you will become a Spies Hecker e-Certified Painter. You then have the opportunity to gain practical certification. This takes place at the Spies Hecker Training Academy. Once completed successfully, you qualify as a Certified Spies Hecker Master Painter.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Work through MyTraining modules in the bodyshop.
  • Compatible with any PC, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.
  • Expand your refinishing knowledge.
  • Learn about the latest colour and material trends, as well as up-to-date refinish processes and techniques.
  • Enhance your bodyshop’s efficiency and quality with the extra skills you learn.
  • A cost-effective training package for the whole bodyshop.
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Seven course modules that will get you ahead.

Module 1: Workplace safety

Workplace safety:
Important information on choosing and using personal protection gear.

Module 2: Surface pretreatment

Surface pretreatment:
How to best prepare coated and uncoated substrates prior to application of primer, surfacer, top coat and clear coat.

Module 3: Preparing / refinishing plastic parts

Preparing / refinishing plastic parts:
Get to know the various types of plastic used in vehicle construction. How to repair/refinish slightly damaged plastic parts.

Module 4: Functional materials

Functional materials:
All about the various vehicle construction methods, the material used, and how to repair them.

Module 5: Colours and colour management

Colours and colour management: 
Sound knowledge of the various colours and effects and how to use today's technical aids to arrive faster at the formula for the required colour shade.

Module 6: Refinishing processes

Refinishing processes: 
Get to know the right refinishing techniques for various paint systems: from Speed Repair to full repairs, and from special effects to advanced 3-stage pearl effect finishes.

Module 7: Application errors

Application errors: 
The various paint flaws and how to effectively avoid and eliminate them with the right tools.

System requirements.

  • PC, laptop or tablet computer and Internet access.
  • Browser with Flash plugin.
  • Speakers/headphones.


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