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Speed Repair System.

The method for keen calculators.

Time-saving system for the efficient repair of minor damage.

Almost 30% of all damage to a vehicle is minor, and most of this is on the lower parts of the vehicle. However, an elaborate partial respray is too expensive for many customers.

Speed Repair is an inexpensive alternative for eliminating minor damage quickly and professionally.

Speed Repair calls for little more than half of the material and time required for a partial respray. Given suitably equipped (multifunctional) workplaces, sanding, putty application, masking, and surfacer and paint application can be carried out entirely outside the spray booth. This eliminates time spent on manoeuvring vehicles, and the spray booth is free for other jobs.

Speed Repair System

Speed Repair is suitable for areas of damage …

  • not larger than a sheet of A4
  • beneath the side moulding
  • around the sills
  • on vehicle corners and edges   and
  • for small areas around openings for rear lights or number plates, for example.

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    Flyer Speed Repair (pdf | 133.96 KB)
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    Flyer Speed Repair Hi-TEC (pdf | 142.05 KB)
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    Brochure Speed Repair (2008) (pdf | 1.17 MB)