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Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000

High Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 are recommended for use prior to applying the Permasolid® HS Speed Surfacer 5500.

Based on a new technology, the Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000 will significantly speed-up the metal pretreatment process. Pre-saturated with the active ingredients, they provide the adhesion, and help to improve corrosion resistance for the subsequent paint process.

Further advantages are:

  • Fast and easy wipe-on application.
  • Easy to use, no mixing or application equipment required.
  • Reduced flash-off times compared to 2K wash primers by about 20-25 minutes.
 Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000

Priomat® Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000