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Permasolid® Elastic Primer Surfacer Light Grey 4500

EP Primer Surfacer 4500 is a universal epoxy based primer surfacer with a wide application window as sanding filler and wet-on-wet filler with good corrosion protection properties.

It is especially good for use as a primer for Spies Hecker Spray Filler on zinc and for warranty repairs as approved by car manufacturers.

EP Primer Surfacer 4500 Light Grey and EP Hardener 4501. It has improved drying properties with regard to IR drying and sandability.

Characteristics of this new primer surfacer:

  • especially user-friendly and easy to use
  • good topcoat hold out
  • good corrosion protection properties
  • suitable for IR drying
  • colour:light grey
  • sinchromatefree

For professional use only.


Permasolid Elastic Primer Surfacer Light Grey 4500