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With smarter tactics, you can finish first every time. New Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810.


The right tactics make all the difference!

When you need to reach top speed, reach for Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810, our latest clearcoat. Used as part of the complete Speed-TEC system, it significantly cuts process times. A standard repair takes just 57 minutes – so the vehicle can be returned in no time and small repairs become a lucrative business option. What’s more, with Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810, you can save on energy costs by drying Hi-TEC Base Coat and Speed-TEC Clear Coat at low temperatures – 40°C or even just 20°C.



New on the grid: Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810 – the latest innovative addition to our Speed-TEC system.

  • Permasolid Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810
  • Permahyd Hi-TEC Base Coat 480
  • Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5500
  • Permasolid Speed-TEC Surfacer 5550
  • Priomat Reactive Pretreatment Wipes 4000



Benefits Speed-TEC Clear Coat 8810

  • No need to harden Hi-TEC Base Coat 480 when applied on Speed-TEC Surfacer 5500 / Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550.
  • Flexible application in 1.5 or 2 coats to better match to the OEM appearance.
  • Can be tinted with Permasolid Clear Coat Color Additives for special OEM effects.
  • Very good stability.
  • Superb filling power.
  • Incredibly fast drying at lower temperatures: 20°C / 30 - 55 min or 40°C / 10-15 min.
  • Highly efficient Axalta resin technology ensures good gloss hold-out.





Advantages to work in the Speed-TEC system.


Cut process times to the minimum.

When it comes to fast processes, the Speed-TEC system wins every time. With only 71 minutes it provides the shortest repair time, which is currently possible. But using Permasolid Speed-TEC Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5550 reduces that time even further to an incredible 36 minutes. That's at least 50% quicker than comparable product solutions.



Save 50-70% on energy costs.

The Speed-TEC system is the only repair solution that can be completely dried at 40°C or even 20°C. This dramatically saves energy costs – by up to 70%. Drying at low temperatures is also handy if your spray booth isn’t capable of reaching higher temperatures.



Make more cars per day.

Standard repair in around 1 hour.




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