Reduce energy costs by up to 70% – right now!

It has always been Spies Hecker’s aim to support bodyshops with easy-to-use systems that help their businesses. Today, with energy prices at an all time high, it’s never been more important for bodyshops to work in the most energy efficient way. It’s a way to save money and also to protect the environment.

Spies Hecker’s simple-to-use Speed Tec products reduce energy costs in the spray booth by up to 70%. Tried and tested over many years, they are a sure-fire way for bodyshops to make an instant impact on their energy consumption – and their profitability. As our Speed Tec products require no additional equipment or infrastructure, bodyshops can begin to benefit from the system immediately with no capital outlay.

As well as dramatically cutting costs, Speed Tec products also help to reduce bodyshops’ carbon footprint and contribute to their green credentials. 

Speed Tec products are the MOST sustainable refinish system on the market.

They allow bodyshops to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint at the same time.

Spies Hecker – leading on efficiency and sustainability.

Speed Tec products are just one of the many ways Spies Hecker is helping bodyshops become more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable by putting them at the cutting edge of digital transformation from energy saving to electric vehicles. For example, our Phoenix Cloud solutions, including fully automated colour mixing, make colour matching not only faster but more accurate too – ensuring first-time-right results and reducing waste.

Or take Drivus which gives bodyshops the tools they need to build better businesses. It’s a suite of innovative services, programmes and tailored expert consultancy focused on the challenges faced by refinishers. The result? Improved business productivity. Higher performance. And better profitability.

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