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Acquire Spectrophotometer

for professional Colour Management.

If you use the Acquire Spectrophotometer with the Phonenix software finding a formula is very straightforward.

The advantages at a glance.

  • Fast and precise measuring of colours, including unknown colours
  • Easy handling
  • Easy menu selection and navigation by scroll wheel
  • Clearly structured English (multilingual) display
  • Operated with common alkaline batteries

Acquire Spectrophotometer


Determine the color.

With the state-of-the-art LED measuring optics every colour - no matter if solid or effect colour - can be determined in less than a minute. Place the Acquire spectro on the cleaned and polished car body close to the damaged area. Everything else the device does for you.

Evaluate the color measurement and find the colour formula.

The results from the Acquire spectro are fed into the PC. Enter manufacturer, colour code and quality and Phoenix will come up with a corresponding mixing formula within seconds. If no mixing formula can be assigned, the system automatically calculates a suitable correction formula for the car body.

Mixing the colour.

The ideal complement to Acquire spectro and Phoenix is a computer based scales system mixing the colour. Particularly helpful: If the PC and Acquire spectro are connected, the formula found by Phonenix is directly passed on to the digital scales.