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Versatile and Durable Painting

Spray painter Steve Riley uses automotive paints in a wide variety of ways to get the best finish and most durable outcomes.

With 29 years of spray-painting vehicles under his belt, Steve has worked across the world in smash repair bodyshops, completing work on cars and bikes, including Harley Davidsons in New York.

These days Steve owns and runs Just Paint Me on the Gold Coast, where he is happy that he is able to focus on the “forgotten customer” in his work. Steve is able to utilise his spray-painting skills on a huge range of objects – from signs to helmets, push bikes, guitars, kitchens, furniture and even gold chandeliers which hang in the casino.

“More and more people in a lot of industries are starting to realise the value of automotive paint and how long it lasts outside,” explains Steve.

Recently Steve has been painting a range of signs for Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland. The famous wildlife sanctuary  is home to Australia’s largest collection of Australian animals. The sanctuary also has a wildlife hospital, which treats, rehabilitates and releases sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife and is one of the busiest in the world – especially after the 2019-2020 bushfire season.

“I painted about 50 signs in total,” explains Steve. “It took  about one and a half hours to paint each sign and they are all different, showing people where they are in the park – Pelican Country and Kangaroo Country, for example.”

“The work would not have been possible without the colour team at Axalta, who were able to match pantone colours and effectively turn them into 2 Pac paints.” he continued.

Steve used the Spies Hecker 293/295 series and the work was completed on Cor-ten Steel so the sign will continue to rust for a rugged look.