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New! Spies Hecker Tinters

2 New tinters have been added to the range: 9049 Bright Red Clear Coat Additive and MB537 Brilliant Blue.

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New Video - Refinishing with Mazda 46G Machine Grey

We often find painter’s run into difficulty when refinishing with Mazda 46G Machine Grey, so we'd like to give you some tips on the waterborne repair process.

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Latest Issue of The Ultimate Finish - Out Now

Our latest issue of The Ultimate Finish magazine is out now!

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Special Repair Processes - Tinted Clear Coats

Spies Hecker developed a dedicated repair process to match the colour position and the strong deep effect of these highly brilliant colour shades using a tinted clear coat solution.

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2021 Colour of the Year - Electrolight

ElectroLight is an expressively refreshing green-yellow hue with inspired bold, contemporary flavors that echo style, energy and flair. The unique personality of ElectroLight evokes a blend of sporty design elements with functional performance.

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