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New Video Launched in 'Let's Talk' Series

The latest video released in the 'Let's Talk' video learning series discusses all things related to Production Management. Including planning, organising and directing production activities, production management can have a big impact on the effective running of your shop. Axalta Services Manager, Robin Taylor highlights some key areas where attentions should be focused to avoid bottlenecks and stoppages, and to aid in an effective work-flow.

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New Tips4You Training Video - 3-Stage Large Repairs

The latest 'Tips4You' video look at 3-stage Large Repairs. In this video we provide you with tips and guidance for professional use to achieve excellent first-time right results when carrying out large repairs of 3-stage white pearl colours, particularly when circumstances are not ideal.

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New! Restoration Posters

Our team have put together updated Standard Operating Procedure charts for the Vehicle Restoration process, providing useful information on products and techniques to use to achieve the best long term results for a restoration.

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Spies Hecker makes plastic refinishing easy


A Partnership Built on Quality

In the July issue of The Ultimate Finish, we featured our customer Sommerville Smash Repair, who recently celebrated 20 years with Spies Hecker. Read on to see how we work together to deliver high quality projects.

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Tech Tip: Bumper Repairs with Sensors

Completing a bumper repair isn't as simple as it once was, as many newer vehicles contain a range or sensors and electronics behind the bumper. We offer some tips to keep in mind when repairing these areas.

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