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Spies Hecker 2016 Calendar

In its new calendar Team spirit 2016, Spies Hecker follows the theme of the 2016 European Football Championships, which are to be held in France. The calendar presents people and bodyshops whose hard work turns vehicles into real collectors’ items. It showcases these works of art, strikingly photographed at 11 customer sites in six European countries.

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Passionate, powerful images


Spies Hecker makes plastic refinishing easy.

A minor accident today doesn’t automatically mean that damaged plastic parts have to be replaced...

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Automotive passion to the power of 12.

In its new 2015 calendar, Spies Hecker presents rare vehicles from eight countries...

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Everything in its place.

The refinish industry is constantly evolving. Those who want to keep up have to be flexible and manage daily challenges...

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A 20-year milestone.

This year Permahyd is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Spies Hecker is marking the occasion...

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