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Revolutionary New Clear Coat for Superfast Drying

Exceptional gloss combined with extremely short drying times - the new Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 from Spies Hecker produces a brilliant, efficient finish.

Spies Hecker has developed a clear coat based on a new innovative binder technology. With a drying time of only five to ten minutes at 60°C metal temperature, the new Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 offers a top-of-the-range solution. Process times are noticeably shorter and bodyshop efficiency increases enormously.

“The new clear coat is in a league of its own,” says John Nettleton, Axalta Coating Systems’ Product and Colour Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “This allows refinishers to complete work more quickly and reduce downtime in the spray booth.”

Reduced Energy Consumption

The new clear coat can be adjusted to suit various drying conditions by using three different hardeners that allows refinishers to adapt Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 to different climatic conditions. The clear can also be air dried and is polishable in 90 minutes. The flexible drying options allow refinishers to optimise individual work processes in the bodyshop and reduce energy consumption.

“The new Permasolid VHS Speed Hardener 3252 slow was developed for application at high humidity and very high ambient air temperatures. The Permasolid VHS Hardener 3251 fast, on the other hand, is suited for application at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C. The Permasolid VHS Speed Hardener 3250 offers optimal performance for temperatures between 20°C and 30°C,” Nettleton explains.

Efficient Application

The new Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 can be applied efficiently in one-and-a-half coats and results in a very even flow. After oven curing, for example, the clear can be polished 15 minutes after cooling. It is also very flexible in use – from Speed Repair to multi-panel repairs.

Gloss of a New Dimension

The appearance of the new superfast clear reaches new levels, offering extreme gloss, a first-class depth and a very hard surface after just one day. “The extraordinary gloss levels become apparent in the almost glass-like surface. It’s just brilliant,” Nettleton says.

The Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 has exceptional product qualities. Brilliant, superfast, simply better - the new Spies Hecker clear coat combines the highest quality standards with a particularly cost-effective application.

Speed Clear Coat – Proven in Application

Many refinishers comment positively on the short drying time of Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800, even at low temperatures. This allows bodyshops to save energy and increase the throughput of their spray booth. “Compared to conventional clear coats, Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 offers energy savings of more than 80 per cent,” says Nettleton. It also offers the added benefit of being ready to sand and to polish shortly after drying. Permasolid HS Speed Clear Coat 8800 is an energy-saving, fast drying clear coat that is very well suited for Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 waterborne basecoat.