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ColorDialog Training.

This one-day course is focused specifically on learning how to use and to care for the ColorDialog digital spectrophotometer. It is designed to take refinishers’ colour-matching skills to the next level.

Participants will learn how to use Spies Hecker’s ColorDialog to visually compare the measured colour with colour formulas from the database. The day begins with a comprehensive explanation of ColorDialog’s capabilities, how to use it to measure colour, and how to store the resulting formulas on customer databases via the CRplus software on the Colourtint PC System. Correct calibration is also covered in detail since external factors such as variations in temperature and humidity can affect results.

Following the morning’s theory work, an afternoon practical session sees attendees measuring a vehicle colour, mixing their own formula and then spraying it. The physical results are subsequently compared to the original colour. When satisfied with the colour match, they will learn how to save the digital value of their formulation to CRplus, which speeds up subsequent searches for the same colour.

Once paint technicians have completed this course, they will find that using ColorDialog to identify colours quickly and with high precision couldn’t be simpler.


One day.

Suitable for:
Paint technicians at all levels.

All equipment provided apart from safety footwear.