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Three-stage Training.

This specialist refinish course provides paint technicians with comprehensive skills for the preparation and application of Spies Hecker three-stage finishes.

Spread over two days, the course at the Spies Hecker Training Academy in Welwyn Garden City is designed to showcase the correct application processes for these finishes while optimising a refinisher’s time and minimising bodyshop wastage. The highly experienced trainers use best practice methodology to help attendees achieve brilliant results in a cost-effective manner with these increasingly popular, but complex, OEM finishes.

Day one focuses on planning the repair. The day covers surface preparation for both metal and plastic substrates, the identification of the correct colour and finish and use of the right products. Paint technicians then learn to work out how many coats they need to apply. Finally, they get to prepare a series of let-down panels to test their approach.

On Day two, participants work on blending techniques. These are slightly different for three-stage coats to standard refinish repairs. Unlike a regular basecoat colour, tri-coat colours get darker with the number of coats. Three-stage consists of a basecoat, a mid-coat to achieve the effect and a clear coat. This is why let-down panels are so important. They allow refinishers to see exactly how many mid-coats are necessary to achieve the desired colour and effect.

By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and confidence to repair three-stage bodywork easily and accurately with minimal outlay.

Two days.

Suitable for:
Experience refinishers.

All equipment provided apart from safety footwear.