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PercoTop® for industrial applications.

More and more bodyshops are including the coating of industrial objects in their services.

What this means can vary greatly – from the coating of different substrates to the request for certain degrees of gloss or effects. PercoTop® is the system for industrial coating jobs. It adapts flexibly to customer requests and has the added benefit of a limited and easy to handle product range.


PercoTop® is ideal for many substrates.
Steel, zinc, aluminium, copper/bronze, plastics, (pre-)coated surfaces, wood and various mineral substrates.

PercoTop® is compatible with all application methods.
Gravity-feed gun and HVLP, pressure pot, air-mix and airless, electrostatic as well as rolling and brushing.

PercoTop® is a modular system.
If you already use the Permafleet commercial vehicle mixing system, you’ll find it even easier, as the PercoTop® mixing system is based on it. With just a few extra PercoTop® mixing concentrates plus ten binders and the associated hardeners, you have everything you need to give industrial objects high-quality, value-enhancing coatings.

PercoTop® permits a wide range of effects and degrees of gloss.
From smooth to textured - from high gloss to dull matt.

PercoTop® for a huge range of applications.
Dispensers, containers, crates, steel elements, cycles, diggers, bulldozers, electronic accessories, tools, cabinets, shelves, ladders, letterboxes, sunbeds, pipes, furniture, agricultural equipment, floors and many more.