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ColorDialog Compact

Get started with digital colour matching.

The handy ColorDialog Compact Spectrophotometer is your starting point for digital colour matching, without the need for Color Index documentation.

The ease of use and flexible application possibilities of the ColorDialog Compact ensures fast and accurate colour results in the bodyshop, whether it’s for passenger car, commercial vehicle or industrial paint refinishing.

With its new LED measuring optics, any shade of refinish – whether a solid or effect colour - can be determined in less than a minute. For colour measurement simply place the ColorDialog Compact on the cleaned and polished vehicle body close to the vehicle paint damage. The coloured LED indicators and the audio signal provide direct feedback on the status of the measurement.

The ColorDialog Compact spectrophotometer has a colour touch screen, which can be operated with a finger or a touch pen. The measurement data is transferred directly to the Phoenix colour software via a micro-USB cable or the optional charging station. Here the measurement is matched and corrected automatically against more than 200,000 formulas. A digital colour shade comparison in the Phoenix software takes you straight to the right colour. This completely frees you from conventional Color Index documentation.


Spies Hecker ColorDialog Compact Spies Hecker ColorDialog Compact

Advantages at a glance.

  • Small, handy (110x 153mm) easy to use
  • Colour touch screen display with clear menu navigation
  • LED status indicators give direct feedback during each measurement
  • 3-angle measuring optics with the highest precision for optimum measuring processes
  • Always up-to-date with more than 200,000 permanently updated Phoenix colour formulas
  • Rechargeable batteries allow the immediate use of ColorDialog Compact