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Colour Quality Coordinator: For accurate colour results.

Colour matching directly at the car manufacturer.

02_QM_SH_Parking_space-1000x547 Stimmt die Reparaturformel mit dem Original-Farbton aus der Fahrzeugserie überein?

Does the refinish formula match the original OEM colour?

This question is crucial for the quality of the repair. In order to prevent differences between OEM colours and refinish formulas, Spies Hecker benefits from the expertise of Axalta Colour Quality Coordinators.

“ I evaluate every currently produced model colour directly at the car manufacturer.      
Horst Neumann, Axalta Colour Quality Coordinator EMEA




What does a Colour Quality Coordinator actually do?


04_QM_SH_Colour comparison Ford_all -1000x547

Colour matching at the car manufacturer.

Once a year Horst Neumann visits every car manufacturer in Germany, to compare the colours produced on-site with the approved refinish formulas made in the Axalta Colour Lab.

His experience also comes into effect on vehicles built by affiliated brands such as Škoda and SEAT.

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Worldwide network.

There is a global team of Colour Quality Coordinators, as well, which focuses on cars that have been produced in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In that case, the colour review takes place at the manufacturers directly.

For the Asian carmakers the colour checks are done at the port of delivery before the cars enter Europe.



Colour recommendations for refinishers.

Because there are so many variants or service formulas for every vehicle model, the aim is to provide our customers with a recommendation on which colour is most likely to match the vehicle that has come in for repair.


Additional information can be found in the colour software.

The formulas selected by the Colour Quality Coordinators are then made available to bodyshops via the Phoenix colour software.