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Uniform labelling and clear classification:

Spies Hecker introduced new labels in line with the international CLP regulation in December 2013.

A European guideline implementing international standards for the classification of coatings products requires new labelling on Spies Hecker tins.

The aim of the new CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging) regulation is to ensure labelling of different chemicals and coating products is clearer and uniform across the world.

Spies Hecker began introducing the new classification in December 2013 on both product labels and safety data sheets. During the legal interim period, which runs until 1 June 2015, all manufacturing labels will switch to the new system. The products themselves remain unchanged.

What is new?
The new hazard pictograms replace the previous orange-coloured, square danger symbols. The new signs can be recognised by their uniform red lozenge shape on a white background. There are also a few new pictograms such as a sign for health risks. Signal words Warning and Danger accompany the symbols to indicate the level of risk.