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colorexpert 2018.

Dear Reader,

Our industry is developing rapidly, and is becoming increasingly modern and digital. We at Spies Hecker are driving this process forward with a range of suitable products and offers for painting. We have therefore decided to publish our customer magazine Colorexpert online with immediate effect.  

You can look forward to reading exciting articles, field reports and stories about a whole range of unusual projects. We will also be giving you useful tips and hints to make your work easier – it will all be based on practice and easy to understand.

Our Colorexpert newsletter is also new. If you do not automatically receive this as a subscriber to the previous customer magazine, please sign up here. We would of course be delighted if you could tell your colleagues and business partners about our new offer!

And what’s more: Colorexpert is your magazine! So if you happen to be working on a spectacular project, or if you have a special story from your workshop that you would like to share, we would be delighted to write a report on this for the magazine. Simply send your ideas and your feedback to

I hope you enjoy the new online Colorexpert.


Kind regards,

Joachim Hinz

Spies Hecker Brand Manager EMEA

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      PDF 2017-colorexpert-DE.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.62 MB
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      PDF 2017-colorexpert-NL.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.53 MB
      PDF 2017-colorexpert-GR.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.46 MB
      PDF 2017-colorexpert-PL.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.81 MB
      PDF 2017-colorexpert-PT.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.54 MB
      PDF 2017-colorexpert-SE.pdf Sep 12, 2018 6.73 MB